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Ana M. González Ramos

Ana M. González Ramos

I am the leader of the project GENERA: Promoting a more inclusive and competitive knowledge economy (FEM2013-48225-C3-1-R).

I received my sociology degree in 1994 at University of Granada, and my PhD degree in 2004 at the Department of Statistics and Operations Research of the University of Cádiz. I was visiting scholar in PREST, institute of innovation research in Manchester in 2007, the Institut för Horere Studien of Vienna in 2005, the Escola de Serviço Social of Pelotas (Brasil) in 2001 and the Sociology Department of La Habana (Cuba) in 2000, the University of Costa Rica (2016).

My main lines of research are gender and participation of women in the knowledge society. My lines of research involve the study of scientific careers in Science and Technology from a gender perspective. This topic entails the evaluation of the meritocratic system based on neutrality criteria of merits and excellence. It entails the study of key issues as such international mobility which affects the life course and the families of men and women scientists and managers.

I conducted some competitive projects from the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Science and Innovation (R&D Research and Innovation Plan), RECERCAIXA and Spanish Women Institute. I also participated in some international corsortium for conducting projects financed by European institutions. These researches address international mobility, women careers, and the science and technology system.

In February 2013 I organised the International Conference: Challenges of the International Mobility of Highly Skilled in the XXI Century – Women in Movement’. Please visit this site for more information… in September 2014 ‘The New Materialist Methodologies: The Gender, Politics, the Digital‘ and Engendering Technology Workshop in 2015.

Phone: +34 93 450 5265

Key publications

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