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Dr. Nora Räthzel

Dr. Nora Räthzel

Received Grants for research projects in competition

Main Applicant

2010 – 2014: VR: En tid av fara – en tid av möjligheter: indidernas roll som förändringsaktörer i organisationer. En kvalitativ och kvantitativ studie av nationella och internationella fackföreningar. With David Uzzell and Ragnar Lundström. DNR: 2010-1990, 9,195 000 SEK

2008 – 2010: Trade Unions facing the dual challenge of globalising work division and globalising environmental degradation. Funding: FAS, 4 100 000. DNR: 2007-1491. With David Uzzell, University of Surrey, UK.

2004-2007: Vetenskapsrådet: The everyday life of Volvo workers in Sweden, Mexico, and South Africa: questions of work, leisure, care, and migration processes.

2002 – 2004 FAS: Discrimination in Swedish Institutions – How does it function?

2001 – 2003: UNIZON, Kvarken Region (part of EU project). For a study on young people in scarcely populated areas in the Kvarken Region.

1996 – 1999 Volkswagen Stiftung: The daily lives of young people of different ethnic backgrounds in two European Cities, Hamburg and London.

Assignments (selection: 2014 only)

  • Evaluation of research projects for the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada.

  • Evaluation committees for professor’s competence, University of Bergen, Göteborg University, University of Norrköping.
  • Member of the academic board of the research project: ‘The Role of Trade Unions and Workers’ Interests in the Social-Ecological Transformation towards a Climate-Friendly Society. The Case of Austria“. Project led by Ulrich Brand, Universität Wien and financed by the Austrian Climate Fund, based on our research results.
  • Member of the Jury to select a professor at the University of Padova, Department of Sociology, Philosophy, Pedagogics and applied Psychology.
  • Evaluation of applicants for the position of lecturer at the University of Lund, Department for Gender Studies.

Expert Panels

2007 - 2010: Expert Panel STINT: Grants for Doctoral Students to Universities outside Sweden, Grants for network projects, Institutional Grants and Institutional Grants for Young researchers.

2007 - 2008: Vice Chair of the Expert Panel FORMAS: Group: Urban Development (Research Grants, Postdocs, and Forskarassistent)

Publications (selection)

Refereed Journals

2015: Räthzel, N.; Uzzell, D.; Lundström, R.; Leandro, B.: The Space of civil society and practices of resistance and subordination. In Press: Journal of Civil Society.

2014: Räthzel, N. Uzzell, D. Le Travail contre la nature? Syndicats et environment: Mouvements. No. 80/4. Pp. 105-110.

2012: Räthzel, N., Uzzell, D.: Mending the breach between labour and nature: environmental engagements of trade unions and the North-South divide. Interface: a journal for and about social movements 4(2): 81-100

2011: Räthzel, N., Uzzell, D.: Natur oder Arbeit? Dilemmata und Perspektiven Gewerkschaftlicher Umweltpolitik. In: Das Argument 294. Pp. 734-744

2011: Räthzel, N., Uzzell, D. Trade Unions and climate Change: The jobs versus environment dilemma. Global Environmental Change, 21 (4), 1215-1223. (Won 2nd price for best articles of the year from British Sociological Association, Climate Change Study group, was presented as research highlight in: Nature Climate Change, October 2011)

2011: Mulinari, D., Räthzel, N., Tollefsen, A.: Everyday working lives in a transnational corporation in Mexico: the contradictory co-optation of trade unionists. In: Economic and Industrial Democracy, 32 (3) 379-399.

2010: Räthzel, N., Uzzell, D., Elliott, D. (2010) The Lucas Aerospace experience: Can Unions become environmental Innovators? In: Soundings, Vol. 46, 76-87.

2010: Räthzel, N. Eine hoffnungsvolle Beziehung zwischen Frauen-, Umwelt-, und Arbeiterbewegung. In. Das Argument 287 pp. 347-358.

2010: Räthzel, N. The injuries of the margins and the restorative power of politics: young people of migrant background in Sweden. In: Journal of Intercultural Studies. Vol. 31/5. pp. 541-555

2009: Das Projekt Automation und Qualifikation. In: Das Argument 265: pp.221-229

2009: Räthzel, N. and Uzzell, D. (2009) Changing Relations in Global Environmental Change. In: Global Environmental Change 19 (2009). pp. 326-335

2009: Räthzel, N. and Uzzell, D. (2009) "Transformative environmental education: a collective rehearsal for reality", Environmental Education Research, 15:3, pp 263-277.

2009: Uzzell, D and Räthzel, N (2009) Transforming Environmental Psychology, Journal of Environmental Psychology, Volume 29, Issue 3, pp 340-350.

Invited Papers

February 2014: Invited presentation at the University of Vigo, Department of Didactics: Is it possible to live sustainably?

April 2014: ILPC (International Labour Process Conference, Kings College, London). Organised a Symposium and presented in it: Nature and Labour. How can unions make a connection?

June 2014: IAPS (International Association for People and Environment Studies) Conference, Timisoara, Romania: Two invited papers on 1) Qualitative methods in the Social Sciences, 2) Transfer of environmental practices from work to home.

May 2014: Invited paper at the Congress of the ‘Initiative Psychologie im Umweltschutz’: Kritisch-Psychologische Anmerkungen zu Strategien der Verhaltensänderung in der Umweltpsychologie.

November 2014: Expert workshop on Work and Consumption, University of Essex. Invitation by Professor Miriam Glucksmann to evaluate her research project: Consumption work and societal divisions of labour: ERC Advanced Investigator Grant 2010-2013

November 2014: Toronto: Conference: Work in a Warming World: Labour, Climate Change, and Social Struggle. Two invited papers: "Workplaces in Transnational Corporations: Can Green Practices be Transported across the Home-Workplace Border" and "Trade Unions, Climate Change and Global Unequal Power Relations"

August 2011: Conference on Women, Welfare, and Environment, University of Oruense. Paper: El papel de los individuos por la transformación de organizaciones. Aspectos de genero.


2014: Transnational Corporations from the standpoint of workers. Palgrave/Macmillan. (with Diana Mulinari and Aina Tollefsen)

2008: Finding the Way Home. Young Peoples’ stories of gender ethnicity, class and place in Hamburg and London. (ed. and author. Co-authors: Phil Cohen, Les Back, Michael Keith, Andreas Hieronymus). Göttingen: V+R Unipress

*2013: Trade Unions in the Green Economy. Working for the Environment. London: Routledge/Earthscan. (edited and authored with David Uzzell)

Book Chapters

2013: Uzzell, David, Räthzel, Nora: Mending the breach between labour and nature: A case for environmental labour studies. In: Räthzel, N. Uzzell, D. Trade Unions in the Green Economy. Working for the Environment. Earthscan/Routledge.

2013: Local place and global space: Solidarity across borders and the question of the environment. In: Räthzel, N. Uzzell, D. Trade Unions in the Green Economy. Working for the Environment. Earthscan/Routledge.

2012: Räthzel, Nora: 30 Jahre Rassismusforschung. Begriffe, Erklärungen, Methoden, Perspektiven. In: Jäger, M. und Kaufman, H.: Skandal und doch Normal. Münster, Unrast. S. 191-220.

2009: El desarrollo de la sostenibilidad social. El proyecto Bienestar para todos en la ciudad de Malmö. In: Garcia Mira, Ricardo and Vega Marcote, Pedro (eds) Sostenibilidad, Valores, y Cultura Ambiental. Madrid: Ediciones Pirámide. pp. 127-141.

*2009: Work and Societal Human Nature. In. Neergaard, Anders (ed) European Perspectives on Exclusion and Subordination: The Political Economy of Migration. Shaker Publishers. 111-129

2009:Mulinari, D. and N. Räthzel (2009) The Promise of the “Nordic” and its Reality in the South. The experiences of Mexican workers as members of the “Volvo Family. in: Suvi Keskinen, Salla Tuori, Sari Irni, and Diana Mulinari (eds) Complying With Colonialism in the Nordic countries. Farhnhem: Ashgate and Gower. pp 67-85.

2011: Räthzel, Nora: Privatiseringen av Producentens stolthet. Paula Mulinari and Rebecca Selberg (eds): Arbete: intersektionella perspektiv. P. 171-187.